Quovadis Enterprises FZ LLC

We are a Middle East company based in Dubai, UAE. We offer diverse medical services on your premises

Our Surgeons and Doctors are specialists with decades of all round experience and 1000s of successful surgeries in their belt.

They are available at your demand to give you the finest health care possible, the health care you deserve.

Help us partner with you in developing a Centre of Excellence for people who cannot afford to travel elsewhere for surgical needs.


Kidney Transplant Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

General Surgery

Day care Surgery

Medicines, Pharmaceutical Supply


Financial advantage

  • State of the art health care within your budget.
  • Lowest in the market.

Our success cases

95 - 97 % success rate over decades of international and local surgical procedures

Long experience

25 years of organ transplants. We specialize in restoring lives

At your doorstep

Premium health care provided by expert surgeons, with in your comfort zone.


Unprecedented success rate

Cover all your medical and surgical needs from start to finish

Surgeons you can dosely connect with

Warm and understanding staff

Each surgeon specially chosen for you with more than 1000 surgeries in their respective speciality

State of the art equipments at every step of your health care journey

Rigorous and strict hygiene and sanitation levels maintained

Affordable and simply the BEST for you.


Choose us, we would love to take care of you.

Let us walk with you along the journey to a perfect health and beautiful life.

1309, 13th Floor, Creative Tower Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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